The story, contents, extras etc.

How much fantasy should I expect from RAVEN KING? Is it a dark story?
Well, it’s definitely no High-Fantasy. It has winged humanoids and some magical elements in it, but since I believe in magic it’s no fantasy for me 😉 Overall it’s a positive story, but where there is light there is also darkness so the story has it’s grave moments.

Is this webcomic suitable for all ages?
The main plot has no explicit content whatsoever. It’s 12+. There are some occasional swearwords (words you already know if you are old enough to read this… Yes you do!) But you will come across some sexual tension (ou la la ).

What’s up with the ?
The main love story is between two guys but it’s not exactly BL / Boys’ Love / Shounen-Ai, which implies the whole story spins around the relationship between the characters. The love story plays an important part in the main plot but there’s more to it. Nevertheless, for those of you who want to enjoy the BL genre in more depth (pun intended… or pun indented *wordception*), please read the next Q&A ↓

I’m old enough, I want to see some “real action”, if ya know what I mean *eyebrow wiggle*
I know you do! I do too (>_>) Sexy 18+ extras are planned! Stay tuned for more infos on this hot topic. You can subscribe to the RAVEN KING Newsletter or join me on my social media pages.

How did you come up with the idea for RAVEN KING?
Short answer: I started working on RAVEN KING as part of my bachelor thesis at the Münster School of Design (graduated in Feb 2016.) Now I want to share my favorite project with the world and expand the Raven King’s empire!
This may be interesting for German readers: I was interviewed on RAVEN KING in German by Sumikai (March ’16, June ’16) and by animando (March ’16).

The webcomic, technical stuff etc.

When does RAVEN KING the webcomic update?
Every Monday 🙂

You can also read RAVEN KING on:

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Is this page suited for my mobile devices?
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